Please join the Association of Sworn Court Interpreters and Legal Translators of Slovenia.

Membership is open to sworn court interpreters and legal translators. Read details below.

  1. Membership (Joining Rules)
  2. Application Form
  3. Submitting your application


Joining Rules

Article 10 of the Bylaws of the Association of Sworn Court Interpreters and Legal Translators sets forth the membership requirements as follows:

(Article 10 – Membership)

Association membership can be granted to:

  •  sworn court interpreters, listed in the Directory of Court Interpreters with the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • professional legal translators and/or legal interpreters;
  • foreign professionals with expertise of significant importance for the implementation of the Association programme objectives, or foreigners who provide funding for association activities.

Registration requirements are stipulated by Article 11 of the Bylaws.

(Article 11 – Registration requirements)

In order to become a member of the Association, persons, specified under Article 10 of the Bylaws, must submit:

  • a filled-in Application Form;
  • a CV (including information about citizenship and education; sworn court interpreters must also state the date of appointment as court interpreters).

Persons under bullet 2, Article 10 of the Bylaws, must also submit proof of demonstrable professional experience in legal translation or interpreting.

Individuals, who express their wish to join the Association, must fill in the Application Form and abide by the Bylaws, the Code of Ethics of the Association and pay the Membership Fee.

The Association membership is voluntary.


Application Form

The Application Form can be found here (please fill in and sign).


Submitting Your Application

A filled-in Application Form and CV (legal translators must also provide proof of demonstrable professional experience in legal translation) must be submitted:

  • by e-mail:
  • by mail: Združenje stalnih sodnih tolmačev in pravnih prevajalcev Slovenije, p.p. 21, 1370 Logatec, Slovenia
  • in person at an event, which is organized by the Association.

The Board of Directors shall review the application and decide about the membership within three months of receipt of the application.